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Posted on January 22 2020


An open letter for your use.

HOW TO USE THIS LETTER: This letter is a template. The italicised words are suggested to need personalising and some ideas to replace them are provided in the following brackets. Take what you like and run with it.


Dear Loved Ones__________ or: (Mumma, Daddy-O — which is still secretly addressed to Mum because you know she buys the gifts, brother, my misguided aunty overseas, my best-friend, my new love, a love so old you feel new again, Karen),


I send this to you, in the hope that it is received with the respect in which it is offered. You may have noticed __________ or: (you very well know, as I talk about enough) I am moving into a more conscious way of spending my time on earth. I am transitioning __________ or: (keeping my broadening my) into a plant-based diet and am learning that with this comes the consideration of many other lifestyle choices.  You are someone who has been incredibly generous with gifts for special occasions throughout my lifetime. I am grateful to have been thought of and can recognise this as such a loving act. Often, I believe you have been particularly thoughtful in your choosing.


Alternative interject: Except for circa 2008 __________ or: (insert whatever year things went awry) the year of Karen’s ornamental measuring cup purchase.


While I love the intimate exchange of gift giving and acknowledge that it is a way to express gratitude __________ or: (celebrate me, honour our relationship, woo me, separate the geographical distance between us), I want to address how we do this from now on. I have chosen to take all animal products out of my life. As the leather industry is not necessarily a by-product of the meat industry, and another cruelty in itself, I will no longer be wearing leather or using it in my daily items. Moreover, I can no longer wrestle with the hypocrisy of a cruelty-free diet yet condoning the abuse of animals in the beauty and fashion industries. Instead of caving into the consumerist hole we have created for ourselves, let’s stand up against the capitalist notion that other creatures are at our mercy. We can be kinder not only in the pit of our stomach, but in the folds of our underarms, in the weight hanging off our shoulders, in the layers between our feet and the earth. Animals are not my accessory. We must now choose with care.


This does not mean you have to buy me rainbow dyed linens __________ or: (crockery that decomposes before you have finished the meal). Technologies are improving at such a rapid rate because I am not alone in my thinking. If you are looking for somewhere to shop in my honour, I love NEENA. Their store has done all the work of figuring out how to live as luxuriously as the latest trends without trampling on any paws, hooves or trotters.


Most importantly, thank you for always knowing when my birthday is _______ or: (knowing where I am in the world, wanting to celebrate me, spending such time and care in your offerings, for loving me, for being here).


With kindness,__________ or: (cheers, stay humble, hit me up later)


Neena x (YOUR NAME)


Substitute of the week: guilt-filled luxuries for guilt-free necessities.




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