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About Us

Neena launched in 2016 with a mission to combine the forces of my love for fashion and beauty and my passion for the welfare of all living beings.
Growing up in regional Australia, good quality and fashion forward products which didn’t cost the earth (literally and metaphorically speaking) was a rare find. We made the most of all the products at our supermarkets or small department stores and realistically, if you were concerned about animal welfare and the products you were using, where else were you to look?
Upon moving to Melbourne, I realised just how free we were to not only widen our choice but to also raise our voices to make an effective, yet tasteful stand against what ingredients and materials were considered to be the “norm” and our “only option”. 
Over the last ten years, I have become increasingly aware of the ‘rubbish’ that is hidden in our skincare and makeup by corporations who not only seem to be depriving us of quality, but also depriving many animals of their right to freedom by product testing as well as using unused animal parts which are also referred to as animal by-products… yuck.
Where companies use animal by-products, the need to use harmful chemicals is dramatically increased to rid the final product of any horrible smells or textures. This in turn leads to animal testing to ensure these harmful chemicals are suitable, and in their final state, non-toxic to humans (scary huh?).
Animal derived materials such as leather, fur, down, silk, wool, cashmere, shearling, mohair & angora have no place in my wardrobe or at Neena… EVER! I personally believe these “materials” have been incredibly well marketed by high end brands using prominent fashion figures and if everyone was educated on how these materials were sourced, everyone would buy cruelty free.
I started Neena with the mission to burst the stereotype of vegan products being “hippie” or of poor quality and bring to you a collection of bathroom and wardrobe essentials which are fashion forward, premium quality and most importantly, kind to animals.
The team at Neena have done the research for you, shopped around the globe and grouped together a wide range of vegan friendly products. We hope this will allow you to put some time back into your day, some faith back into the fashion, skincare and cosmetics industries and be confident you can live an on trend, beautiful vegan life because we have no right to take the life of any living being.
What is their's, is exactly that, their's.