LUXIE Synthetic Kabuki 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set | Rose Gold


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Introducing Luxie Beauty’s Kabuki Brush Set, including 5 brushes with soft but dense bristles each carefully handcrafted to give your complexion a consistent, airbrushed finish.

“Kabuki” stems from a form of Japanese drama where the actors would wear makeup to emphasize the natures of their characters, which inspired modern day kabuki brushes being fashioned with their signature compact hair density to emanate the tools in which the actors would apply their makeup. The density of each brush in this set allows for an even application without any wasted product, full coverage, and minimal absorption of your face products. Skip the drama, go straight to slaying!


Luxie Rose Gold Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 530

What it is: This brush’s flat top design was made to apply your favorite complexion products with ease.

Recommended Use: For best results, use to apply your favorite cream or liquid foundation, or use with any loose or pressed powder to set your face.

Luxie Rose Gold Round Top Blender Makeup Brush 532

What it is: This brush’s rounded edges ensure your face makeup is blended to perfection.

Recommended Use: Use in buffing motions to blend out your favorite liquid or cream contour products, or to apply mineral foundation in buffing motions.

Luxie Rose Gold Angled Top Buffer Makeup Brush 534

What it is: This Kabuki brush’s angled head has rounded edges to ensure a flawless application while emphasizing your cheeks.

Recommended Use: Use to apply and blend your favorite liquid, cream, or powder bronzer or blush products onto your cheeks.   

Luxie Rose Gold Pointed Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 536

What it is: This brush’s pointed dome head allows for more precision when applying complexion products onto hard to reach areas of your face.

Recommended Use: Use to blend out your favorite cream or liquid concealer, or use with your favorite loose powder to set your undereye area.

Luxie Rose Gold Flat Angled Blender Makeup Brush 538

What it is: This kabuki brush’s flat and angled design is designed to hug the curves of your face as you apply your complexion products.

Recommended Use: Use with your favourite liquid or cream foundation, or use to define your cheek area with cream or liquid bronzer or contour products.

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